Licensed to work with clients throughout the state of Illinois – Virtual telehealth appointments available

Kiam Junio, ICF-ACC

Holistic Health Coach

Kiam Junio (they/them) was born in the Philippines and is a US Navy veteran with seven years of service as a medical assistant and respiratory therapist. They earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a Master of Science in Health and Human Performance from the Pacific College of Health and Science.

Kiam holds certifications as a Holistic Health Coach (ICF-ACC), Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, and Personal Trainer.

They are a lifelong learner, passionate about integrating biological sciences (body) with positive psychology (mind) and contemplative practices (spirit).

As an artist, Kiam has performed and exhibited their work throughout North America and Europe, including Chicago, New York, Mexico City, Vancouver, London, and Cádiz. As a facilitator and content creator, Kiam leads breathwork and mindfulness workshops, teaching how to access embodied wisdom, heal the inner child, and create powerful choices that radically change one’s inner and outer worlds.

You can follow them on Instagram @iamkiam

English/Tagalog bilingual
Conversational Spanish

Kiam Junio Holistic Health Coach

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