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Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy 

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Medical evaluation and supervision for safe and effective ketamine-assisted psychotherapy

Considering working with a psychedelic-trained therapist? We’ll assess you, process your prescriptions, and monitor your progress so you can safely move forward with treatment.
Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy - Explore New Territory

Explore new territory in traditional talk therapy

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy - Lighten Anxiety & Depression

Lighten your symptoms of anxiety and depression

Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy - Improve Quality of Life

Improve your quality of life

"Judy is everything you want in your healing journey. She made me comfortable from the moment I met her. She’s that rare gem who possesses professionalism from years of experience mixed with the authenticity your heart is looking for; she immediately put me at ease. Judy helped me through a difficult period with psychedelic-assisted therapy, and I can't thank her enough."

Courtney Lochner

You’ve been dealing with mental health struggles—and you think that ketamine-assisted psychotherapy may be for you.

While going through ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, you need to be working with a psychedelic-trained therapist who knows how to manage your experience of the drug, which is taken under their supervision.

You must also be medically cleared for treatment and have a licensed provider prescribe the medication.

At Synergy Integrative Health & Wellness, we offer an easy way to ensure that you’re medically optimal—and ready—for ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Whether you’re referred or set up your own appointment, we’ll begin with an initial consultation to review your medical and mental health history.

If you’re determined to be a good fit for treatment, we’ll prescribe rapid-dissolving ketamine tablets to be shipped to your home and used in supervised treatment with your therapist—either at your home or in their office.

Our holistic approach to addressing body, mind, and spirit helps to ensure your health and safety throughout this process.

If you need a psychotherapist who’s trained to work with ketamine, we can refer you to one of our partners in the Chicago area.

"I always felt safe and heard with Judy. She is very attentive to individual needs and offers a gentle presence. I feel so grateful that my first experience with psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy was under Judy’s care. I would recommend her to anyone!"

Melissa J.

A little background on ketamine-assisted psychotherapy

Ketamine works by engaging parts of the brain that need healing. It helps people cultivate their inner resources and access their inner healer to tackle things they’ve been stuck with. It’s a catalyst that opens things up.

Ketamine has been demonstrated to be effective in treating treatment-resistant depression, as well as:

  • Social anxiety and generalized anxiety disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorders
  • Substance use disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Postpartum depression

"I've worked with Judy for many years providing ketamine-assisted therapies for countless treatment-resistant clients. Her dedication, professionalism, and expertise are exceptional. For those considering working with her, I have no doubt they will be in excellent hands."

Ben Medrano, MD (Psychiatrist)

How it works

  • Book an appointment for a mental health consultation.
  • Connect with your licensed medical provider and determine if ketamine treatment is appropriate for you.
  • Your prescription will be shipped directly to you for use in your home with your ketamine or psychedelic-trained therapist or in your therapist’s office.

*Note that if you do not already have a relationship with a therapist trained in ketamine and/or psychedelic therapies, we can refer you to one of our trusted partners.

Important note: Payment is due up front at the time of booking. We’ll refund payments for cancellations requested more than 48 hours before the appointment. We are a cash-only practice; health insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid are not accepted. Read our cancellation policy here.

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Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Services

Medical and mental health evaluation to assess suitability for ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

60 minutes

$200 (does not include medication or shipping/handling)

30 minutes

$100 (does not include medication)

"Judy’s exceptional clinical skills, extensive experience working with ketamine-assisted psychotherapy, and passion for supporting clients on their healing journey make her a joy to work with. She’s incredibly accessible, reliable, and generous with her knowledge. When working with ketamine, it’s essential to partner with someone who has experience, competency, and integrity. Judy possesses all three!"

Emily Hackenburg, FNP-BC

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this blog post that Judy wrote for her former employer, Field Trip, which provides a thorough overview.

Yes, ketamine is an accepted and established treatment within the mainstream medical community. Its use for mental health conditions is often considered a breakthrough in the field of psychiatry as it can provide rapid and significant relief for individuals who have failed other treatments.

First, make sure to have the conversation at an appropriate time and place. While respecting their perspective and beliefs, you can explain to them honestly and openly why you’ve decided to use a psychedelic drug for your mental health. Share the research and scientific support for ketamine in the treatment of mental illness and involve your medical provider, therapist, or counselor in these conversations to provide guidance and facilitate communication if needed.

When administered under the direction of a qualified healthcare provider, ketamine is generally considered very safe. It has an excellent safety profile—even at much higher doses than what is used for ketamine-assisted psychotherapy—when used for surgical anesthesia. During your initial consultation, you and your provider will carefully review your medical and psychiatric history and weigh the risks and benefits and rule out any contraindications before starting treatment.

In general, side effects are self-limiting and resolve within a few hours. The most common side effects are lightheadedness/dizziness, headache, impaired balance and coordination, slurred speech, vision disturbances (e.g., double vision, photosensitivity), nausea/vomiting, sedation, confusion, and anxiety.

First, for safety—to make sure you have adequate preparation before the ketamine experience and to help ensure your physical and emotional safety during the ketamine session. Psychedelic experiences can be intense and unpredictable, and your therapist can guide you through it and help you navigate your thoughts, feelings, and insights, and also be there to ground you and provide support if you have a challenging or distressing experience. Second, ketamine is simply a tool, a catalyst, to help you dive deeper faster and get past these places where you are feeling stuck and address things you are struggling with. Working with your therapist and processing and integrating your ketamine experiences is where the magic really happens and how lasting change is created.

Ketamine’s exact mechanism is unknown, but it is thought to work in several different ways including as a dissociative anesthetic that causes temporary dissociation from one’s body and mind. This short break from usual thought patterns can be therapeutic, especially in individuals who struggle with ruminations or negative self-talk. An important way ketamine works is through its action on glutamate, a predominant neurotransmitter in the brain. Another critical way ketamine works is by enhancing neuroplasticity in the brain, which means that it increases neural pathways and connections so that individuals can develop new insights and perspectives and make remarkable changes in mindset and behavior more easily.

Ketamine is legal in the U.S. when prescribed by a licensed medical provider. The FDA approved ketamine in 1970 for use as an anesthetic and it can be legally prescribed “off-label” to treat a range of mental health conditions.

Our team will evaluate medical, psychiatric, psychosocial, and environmental factors to determine whether ketamine is right for you. In general, it’s best for people who have a mental health condition and want to be active participants in their healing process. Ketamine is best for people who are comfortable with getting uncomfortable since treatment can bring up difficult memories that were buried long ago, as well as intense feelings. Clients need to have a strong support system going into ketamine treatment—and to start at a time and place that feels safe and comfortable to them.

The ketamine experience is different for everyone and can also vary significantly for the same person depending on the dose and what one’s mindset and setting (physical environment) are like. At lower doses, you will likely feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful while maintaining your conscious awareness and ability to talk and/or communicate with others. You may also have an emotional experience and feel joy, grief, love, or overwhelming love and gratitude. You may laugh or cry during your ketamine experience. Sensory experiences may include the feeling of floating or being on a roller coaster. There may be colors or other visuals; you may also find that you are more sensitive to external stimuli (lights, sounds, etc.) and that your sense of time is altered. At higher doses, you may have a psychedelic or dissociative experience where you feel separate from your body or the external, physical world. Your Synergy medical provider, in collaboration with you and your ketamine- or psychedelic-trained therapist, will determine the ideal ketamine dose based on your goals for treatment and ensure that you are adequately prepared (physically and mentally) for your ketamine experiences.

Your ketamine experience will last about two hours, and you will not be able to drive the day of your experience. It will take about four to six hours for the effects of the ketamine to wear off, and we recommend not making any major decisions for 24 hours.

"As a ketamine therapist, I have had the honor of working with Judy in multiple clinical settings. She is a skilled and compassionate nurse practitioner who collaborates closely with other clinicians to ensure each client receives individualized treatment. I’m comfortable referring clients to her practice, knowing they will be treated with care."

Anya Ravitz, LCPC

We’re more than happy to discuss this potentially life-changing treatment with you.

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