Licensed to work with clients throughout the state of Illinois – Virtual telehealth appointments available

Mija Bradford, MBA, MA, LPC


Mija Bradford (they/them) is a Licensed Professional Counselor. After 27 years climbing the corporate and federal government ranks as an Executive for various Fortune 500 financial companies and government agencies, Mija followed a solid inner calling to assist individuals in interrelationships with all dimensions of themselves.

They are an international best-selling author and the Principal Clinician of Attracting Your Life, LLC, a wellness healing practice where they assist clients by using a variety of therapeutic modalities, like psychodynamic theory and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive-behavioral theory CBT, mindfulness, trauma-informed, Person-Centered Therapy. Mija also combines indigenous healing practices like Reiki, Sound Bowl Healing, and Pyramid Attunement to help clients integrate the mind, body, and spirit.

Mija has recently added psychedelics/ketamine integration work as one of the modalities used to help individuals gain relief from depression, anxiety, and trauma. They help clients set their intentions to maximize the potential benefits and maintain realistic expectations for ketamine-assisted therapy. This is done by offering an open, safe, non-judgmental space to help individuals through their process during and after the psychedelics/ketamine session.

In their free time, Mija can be found connecting with nature, whether out on a walk or tending to the plants in their office or garden.

Mija Bradford, Psychotherapist

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